söndag 14 juni 2009

          Look deep inside yourself and dwell for a while
What you see is your true home, your natural state of being
What you find are your roots, your origin and your future.

Void of words other than your very own, 
you may create a deeply personal home
without details that aren't truly you.
a peaceful style embracing personal values,
throwing caution to the sensitive eye.

Natural light has an ability to reveal the obvious.
Pure and unspoiled reality painted with white strokes
where unexpected detail is welcomed 
by unexpected subconscious yearning.

That , which you have been unable to find , or see
I can help you discover simplicity and function 
paired with artful radiant rooms that shine with beauty
in a loving mosaic of now and then
A meeting pot of Swedish 18 th century and French countryside
topped with spices from the entire world
giving every home a story of it own

Your story